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How To Succeed In Business Or Career

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    View author's info ( 23, Female / Sugar Baby | Frankfort, KY, USA )

    I am currently trying to start the process of trying to become a registered nurse or something in the medical field. Possibly a veterinarian. I want to help save lifes and help anyone or anything in need of it.

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    View author's info ( 19, Female / Sugar Baby | Sturbridge, MA, USA )

    I am currently working on that, expanding my looks into a modeling business at the moment. I am launching my website and business in the spring / early summer. Hopefully covid dies down and we can more content outside. ;)

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    View author's info ( 18, Female / Sugar Baby | Stockton, CA, USA )

    i'm currently attending community college and plan to further my education next year at a 4 year university. after my undergrad program, i plan to return to college and pursue a profession in dentistry.

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    View author's info ( 53, Female / Sugar Baby | Worcester, MA, USA )

    I am a small business accountant. I am well respected in my area, for being efficient, more than competent and able to deal with whatever arises. I have worked in many trades in my area, electrical, construction, auto repair and rubber stamp making.

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    View author's info ( 20, Female / Sugar Baby | Clarkston, MI, USA )

    I am a very hardworking woman. I hate procrastinating and strive every single day to be better! Of course I get stressed sometimes but pushing through all your struggles is what gifts you success. I have big goals and to pursue those goals I need to constantly work

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    View author's info ( 40, Male / Sugar Daddy | Charlotte, NC, USA )

    I worked really f*cking hard while everyone else was dicking around and then when I saw my break I drove a truck though it. I DIDNT take old mens m&ney in hopes of an easier life....not that that's you...but yeah...dont do that

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    View author's info ( 27, Female / Sugar Baby | San Diego, CA, USA )

    I've always worked since I was 16. I have worked many jobs but mostly in the food industry. I've learned valuable lessons from each job that are still useful in my work/personal life. And although I'm not in the 6 digit income I'm patiently working on my version of a successful career. I want to be my own boss so that I can create my own schedule and be happy at what I do.

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    View author's info ( 64, Male / Sugar Daddy | Troy, MI, USA )

    I have degrees in Business and Engineering and I grew up in an entrepreneurial family. I think the keys are recognizing a real business opportunity (not your fantasy opportunity) and go with it as long as it is either fun, profitable, or both.

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    View author's info ( 21, Female / Sugar Baby | Washington, DC, USA )

    I went to school for 3 years for Human Development. I'm currently in the early years of my career as an infant care specialist. At the moment, I am a consultant for families that have trouble with their babies. I'm very experienced with children and I love having the flexibility to work from home. In my free time, I do modeling for small agencies in Korea.

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    View author's info ( 26, Female / Sugar Baby | Salina, UT, USA )

    I've worked for more than 8 years in a culinary field. I can cook, b*by. Whether it's time for a nice summer backyard barbecue, tequila chicken in a pan, or some yummy parsley soup for those chilly autumn days, everything is bon Appetit.

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    View author's info ( 55, Male / Sugar Daddy | Houston, TX, USA )

    Sorry .. I don't have anything earth shattering to share about how I have become successful. Work hard .... do what others won't do ..... have to be willing to adapt & change with the times ... embrace technology ... learn from mistakes but don't make the same mistake twice ... stay out of debt.

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    View author's info ( 30, Female / Sugar Baby | Newport Beach, CA, USA )

    Always set a goal and if it's not reached yet always remember that there is always a tomorrow and it's never to late to reach that goal. Believe in yourself because if you don't believe in you then who will? Remember that people will always doubt you.

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    View author's info ( 23, Female / Sugar Baby | Boston, MA, USA )

    I have achieved success in my career by going to College! I hope to graduate soon and be able to work on paying my loans and by having fun at the same time! I am determined to succeed in this crazy world and would love someone to be part of my journey!

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    View author's info ( 19, Female / Sugar Baby | New York, NY, USA )

    Privacy is the No. 1 priority when it comes to this job. I have yet to meet the man who is confident enough to admit that he sees a dominatrix. Im always looking to meet new clients especially daddies who are comfortable submitting to a strong sexy woman like myself. My clients not only feel safe with me they come to learn that the part of themselves they keep hidden from their families is my biggest turn on.

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    View author's info ( 20, Female / Sugar Baby | Citta metropolitana di Roma Capitale, Lazio, Italy )

    https://*/yosofia I have lately added my profile on OF and I use it sometimes. I am my biggest success! And you should be too! Also I hope to become someone someday, we'll see what the future has for us xo

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